TOP 7 Best medical Colleges in the World

Medical Colleges in the world are nowadays growing day by day which means recently they found cancer treatment, it is one of the examples of their growth and we should talk about definitely COVID-19 situations how doctors are worked, and some of the doctors sacrificed their life’s also.

Those who are all completed the 10+2 in the Science group are eligible to join the Medical colleges in separate streams like M.B.B.S and Pharmacy.

Medical colleges are Day-by-Day increasing Their Infrasture, Facilities, and Management. These are good to hear because any country’s most Important thing is Health.

What are the 7 best medical colleges in the World?

Below is the list of the 7 best medical colleges in the World.

  1. Harvard University, United States
  2. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  3. Stanford University, United States
  4. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
  5. Johns Hopkins University, United States
  6. University of California, Los Angles, United States
  7. Yale University, United States

Harvard University, Medical College in the World


The Harvard medical school placed the champion of the 1 st QS world rank in the year of  2022. It was founded  in 1782 and established in 1817.   This includes 200 elective courses and 6 dual-degree courses.

It make much of cooperation, Investigation, and practical investigation gives top-most prepare students excellent medical professionals .The medical school at Harvard University has an application deadline of Oct24. The application fee at $100.

Average tution fees : $65,203

University of Oxford, Medical college in the World

The school of medicine at the University of Oxford provided a well-rounded academic training program with in-depth research that establish  medicine. In this college Research and hospital has 75 non-Teaching beds and 695teching beds are available.

To excel in the art of authorization medical experienced to be powerful in the attending global capability over advanced technology & research communicating ethics values based on learning. It was oldest university in 1096, it is English-speaking world and world’s second university in continuous operation.

The competition for places in the medicine course of Oxford university for International Students is very strong compared to the other students. Here, the students can work in research laboratories spared across the medical science division to upskill and assist in their Education.

Average tuition fee:$49,991

Stanford University, Medical Colleges in the World

Established in 1858. The Stanford school of medicine has a long tradition of leadership in medical research, education, and effective clinical therapies. These two institutions hold a reputation for child care. It empowers future leaders of the medical world to be skillful and resourceful.  One of the pioneers in medicine, the school offers an integrated and innovative research study program.

It is affordable to everyone compare other universities very less tution fee  and Infrasture also very impressive and nice laboratories.

Stanford medicine delivers world-class care for each patient’s   different requirements. Our associative way to health care getup with most leading technology for the best potential outcomes.

Average tuition fee: $55,011

University of Cambridge :

The medical college of the University of Cambridge provides two medical courses- one is a standard course, and the other is a graduate course. The aim of the school is conducted is to conduct internationally excellent peer-reviewed basic, Clinical, and Translational research relating to a diverse range of medical conditions and treatments. The students can pursue research and project work throughout the course.

It ranks 3rd world best medical university.

The purpose of this university to conduct universally good peer reviewed basic, clinical and translating research relating to a varied range of medical conditions and operations.

The school of clinical medicine was established in 1976. Around 40 students accept the graduate course each year.

Average tuition fee: $82,984

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Johns Hopkins University:

The school offers a wide range of MD and doctorate programs to choose from with a flexible curriculum and broad exposure to the concepts. Established in 1893. Johns Hopkins Medicine is a governing structure for the University’s School of Medicine and the health system, coordinating their research, teaching, patient care, and related  enterprises.

Average tuition fee: $58,000


University of California : 

The David Geffen school of medicine at UCLA is the youngest of these top-10 best medical schools in the world. The school believes in providing education through community partnerships and offers programs in MD, postdoctoral, graduate, and residency studies.

Average tuition fee : $50,130

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Yale University:

The Yale school of medicine is the forerunner in molding physician-scientists and is one of the best MBBS colleges in the world. It was founded in 1810 as the Medical Institution of Yale College and formally opened in 1813. Their compassion, commitment, and ceaseless energy are inspiring factors for the students to study medicine there.

Average tuition fee: $64,024

These are the Best medical colleges in the World you can choose According to your requirements.

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