TOP 5 E-mail clients for Linux in 2022

Linux is an open-source operating system that is made of a kernel. Linux is the best-known and most used open-source operating system. As an operating system, Linux is software that sits underneath all of the other software on a computer, receiving requests from those programs and relaying these requests to the computer’s hardware.

Best Linux Distros for 2022:

  • Ubuntu, Supreme for Programmers, Professionals, and day-to-day users.
  • Zorin OS is ideal for every user
  • Linux Mint. Ideal for: Beginners those who are switching to windows.
  • Nitrux
  • Elementary OS. Ideal for: Professional creators and developers
  • Kodachi

Listed below are the E-mail clients for Linux:

  1. K Mail
  2. Evolution
  3. Thunderbird
  4. BlueMail
  5. Claws Mail

1. K Mail:

KMail is the best suited for the KDE desktop environment in Linux.

KMail is a part of Kontact, a personal information manager, that was developed for and fits nicely with the KDE environment.

Features of KMail:

  • Integration: KMail integrates nicely with other Kontact Components.
  • Search & Filter: Powerful search and filter functionalities for e-mails.
  • Privacy & Security: KMail  supports PGP & S/MIME encryption.
  • Junk mail filter: Integrates with spam filters like Spam Assassins.

2. Evolution:

Evolution is an open-source email client by GNOME. It wasn’t as popular as Thunderbird, but now many Linux distributions have considered replacing Thunderbird with Evolution as the pre-installed email client for a better user experience overall.


  • Contacts Management: Built-in address book for contacts management.
  • Calendar Integration: Calendar integration with your email account.
  • Task Manager: Built-in task management tool.
  • Notes: Evolution includes a note-taking tool.
  • Filters & Folder:  Custom virtual folder support for search queries and filters.
  • Junk Mail Filter: Includes spam filter powered by Spam Assassin.
  • Privacy & Security: Evolution supports both PGP & S/MIME encryption.
  • Plugins: Plugins support various functionalities.

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3. Thunderbird:

Thunderbird is one of the most popular E-mail clients from the Mozilla foundation. You can also find it pre-installed on several Linux distributors.


  • Contacts Management: Includes an address book that can store detailed information about your contacts. And, includes Cardan address book support.
  • Activity Manager: Recorded interactions between the email provider and Thunderbird.
  • Smart Folder: Combined email folders for multiple accounts.
  • Privacy & Security: Robust privacy options and phishing protection.
  • Search & Filter: Efficient search and quick filter tools for your emails as well as the web.
  • Junk Mail Filter: Thunderbird has its spam filter.
  • Large File Management: Upload large attachments to outside storage providers without leaving Thunderbird.
  • Customization: Thunderbird supports skins for changing the look & feel. Furthermore, there are add-ons for extending Thunderbird features.

4. Blue Mail:

BlueMail is a quite popular application for Android, so it continues its tradition of offering essential features along with some extras for a premium in Linux.

What is the use for BlueMail?

BlueMail for teams is a combination email executive solution that adds cooperative messaging for situation-based  conversations.  Users can alternation from email to messaging to collaborate with the teams members in actual-time.


  • Group mail: You do not need to add members individually, but send emails to a specified group quickly.
  • Unified Inbox: You can view all the conversations from every account you add to the desktop client in one place.
  • Integrated Calendar: You can check for events, and set calendar reminders from within the mail client.
  • Dark theme: If you are regularly working with emails, the dark mode can be a good addition.
  • All protocols supported: It supports IMAP, Exchange, ActiveSync, and POP3 as well.
  • Other essentials: You can add multiple accounts, use quick filters, can be used offline, and other basic functionalities.

5. Claws Mail:

Needs manual configuration for E-mail clients.

Claws mail is a open source and it is also free and it is features

  • Extensibility
  • Power and stability
  • Sufficient features
  • Delicate, and practical interface
  • Easy configuration, Automatic operation

The messages are handled  by in the standard MH, which appearance fast access and data security. You will be able to construction your emails from approximately any alternative email client, and export them just easily.

Claws Mail is a lightweight email client using a GTK+ interface that focuses on giving a familiar user experience to popular email clients while providing some extra functionalities like RSS aggregator. Claws mail is one of the best E-mail client for Linux.


  • Contacts Management: It has basic address book functionality.
  • Plugins: Claws Mail supports plugins for extending its features.
  • Open source based
  • Filtering capabilities
  • Accuracy & updates
  • It is absolutely free

Drawbacks of Claws Email :

  • Difficult setup
  • Tough to use
  • Dated UI

These are the few E-mail clients for Linux absolutely  it is very useful to the users and it is maintenance also very cheap. It will most of E-mails free of cost only.

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