Editor’s note: Back in the RN&R saddle

I first worked at the RN&R in 2004-05 as the arts editor. At the time, I saw the job as a likely stepping stone into a career in arts administration. I didn’t have much news experience, but I learned as I went. (It’s hard to imagine a better boot camp than sharing an office with then-news editor Dennis Myers and having then-editor Brian Burghart stand over my shoulder with a red pen for a year.)

I loved being part of Reno’s ongoing conversations about news and culture. And seeing Northern Nevada through the various lenses of people I interviewed—artists, politicians, scientists, educators—broadened my worldview by the minute. 

Within a month, journalism—local, independent journalism in particular—had me hooked. I remember sitting at my desk thinking, “I’ve never been able to answer the question, ‘What do you want to be doing in 20 years?’ But I think it is probably this.”

In the ensuing 19 years, my life—and the RN&R’s—have been through a few different iterations, but we’ve always been a match. I was on staff again in 2016-18, and I’ve been a freelance contributor for pretty much the entire two decades.

Long story short—I’m delighted to be back, this time as the managing editor. It’s still a privilege to be part of the ongoing conversations Reno is having about itself and the world.

I recommend picking up our October print issue, of course. Be sure to check out Zoe Dixon’s “Lake Tahoe’s 2023 report card” on Page 12, or click here. Zoe found out what scientists have been observing lately about water quality, invasive species and other need-to-know measures of the iconic lake’s health and future.