Dethklok denouement: The Metalocalypse saga concludes with a potent and over-packed special

The animated saga of Dethklok, the world’s most brutal death-metal band, comes to a glorious end in Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar. This is the first Metalocalypse chapter since The Doomstar Requiem, released 10 years ago.

This special is musically potent and full of “answers” to many of the questions that have been asked throughout four seasons of the TV show (and one movie). It wraps up the proceedings nicely; it’s clear that co-creator/music writer Brendon Small doesn’t want to get accused of pulling a Lost when concluding his franchise. In fact, there’s so much in this final chapter that a few installments may have been better than a one-shot movie.

Small and co. keep all of the madness under control admirably as Nathan Explosion (recovering from the events of The Doomstar Requiem) and his bandmates aim to save the world with one final song. Of course, that happens after killing most of the world with another song they perhaps shouldn’t have sung.

Like I said, a lot happens in this chapter, including an apocalypse sequence that sees the Washington Monument flying through the air, destroying landmarks and impaling Dethklok fans on its pointy tip.

This movie racks up a huge body count while paying tribute to many of the characters who have shown up through the years, including Dr. Rockso the cocaine clown (his cocaine-laced rendition of “Amazing Grace” is quite moving) and the ever-lovable Facebones.

The music, entirely produced and mostly played by Smalls, is as majestic and epic as ever. Ever since this creation got off the ground, he’s been bringing a surprising majesty and beauty to death metal. In fact, he’s currently touring with a new incarnation of the Dethklok live band in support of the movie.

Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar is now streaming on various platforms.

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