Alien Adventure: Kaitlyn Dever’s quiet performance in Hulu’s ‘No One Will Save You’ amazes

Kaitlyn Dever gives her best performance slot gacor maxwin yet in No One Will Save You, a fun and scary new alien home-invasion movie from writer-director Brian Duffield

In a role that requires almost no dialogue, Dever plays Brynn, a woman quietly living in her hometown where, it is slowly revealed, she has a history—and some enemies. One night, she hears a rustling in her house and observes some sort of creature making horrible croaking sounds in her kitchen. Her terrifying alien adventure commences.

One of the joys of this film is the total commitment to old-school alien hijinks, right down to the aliens looking like the big-headed, large-eyed, Area 51 gray-skinned creepos that so many folks claim to have seen throughout the years. While the aliens look stereotypical, they have a few maneuverability tricks that come out in surprising moments.

If you get annoyed by monster movies where you don’t see the monsters, take solace: This movie gives its aliens plenty of screen time.

As fun as the aliens are, this is Dever’s show. Brynn is onscreen for nearly every shot, and given the lonely nature of her existence, she says very little. (The film only has eight words said during the entire run time, according to IMDB.) It requires a performance with major facial and physical control, and Dever more than delivers. She’s shined in many performances before (most notably in Booksmart), but this takes her screen work to new levels.

This is Duffield’s sophomore effort, and it’s clear this is a guy who truly knows how to put a movie together. After being sufficiently scared by this one, I watched his debut feature, Spontaneous (which I missed upon its initial release in 2020) and was blown away.

I highly recommend watching Spontaneous—as unique of a teen romance movie as you are likely to see—in a double feature with this one. Aliens and teens blowing up … that’s some good Saturday night entertainment.

No One Will Save You is now streaming on Hulu.

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